Transfer Applicants

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Application Checklist

Standardized Testing Policy

  • Submitting SAT or ACT exam scores is completely optional.
  • 学生不需要解释为什么他们不提交SAT或ACT考试成绩.
  • 如果学生没有提交SAT或ACT考试成绩,他们不会在审查过程中处于不利地位.
  • If a student chooses to submit SAT or ACT, Scripps will superscore the respective exam across test dates.
  • 学生不应该为了参加SAT或ACT考试而危及自己或家人的健康.
  • International students educated outside of the U.S. are required to submit the TOEFL, 雅思考试, or Duolingo English Test results. 如果国际学生的主要语言是英语,或者他们高中的教学语言是英语,他们可以要求豁免. More info can be found 在这里.
  • 提前录取(I)和提前录取(II)和常规录取(I)的学生可以在12月4日和1月18日更改提交标准化考试成绩的决定. 学生可以通过电子邮件更新他们关于提交标准化考试成绩的决定 [email protected].

International Applicants

非美国公民或永久居民的学生有额外的要求. Please visit the international applicants section for more information.

入学 Interviews

An optional part of the admission process, 面试可以给你机会讨论你的兴趣和目标,并世界杯买球正规平台世界杯买球app下载的信息. Please schedule an interview below:

金融援助 and Scholarships

访问我们的财政援助办公室页面,了解基于需求的财政援助信息, including deadlines and required forms.

Transfer Applicants 常见问题

Who is considered a transfer student?


When can I apply?


How does Scripps review transfer applications?

招生委员会相当重视大学成绩单和大学教员推荐信的内容和质量. Course credit is generally transferable if the prior college is accredited, the course carries a grade of C or better, 和 course is comparable to one offered by any of The Claremont Colleges. 建议从加州学院或大学转学的学生遵循IGETC计划,以确保 transferable credits. Scripps will evaluate transfer credit on a case-by-case basis. 我们建议转学申请者在转学到世界杯买球app下载之前挑战自己的一系列课程,以实现我们的目标 Breadth of Study requirements soon after transferring.

What makes 一个应用程序 eligible for a decision?

世界杯买球app下载保留审查和作出决定的权利的文件,包括, 至少, 一个应用程序, 成绩单, and one letter of recommendation.

Does Scripps require a certain grade point average for admission?

No, 但我们建议转学候选人保持最低累积平均绩点3.在上一所大学取得0分或以上的成绩,才能被认为有竞争力.

May I submit an art, music, or dance supplement to Scripps?

Yes, you may submit your portfolio as part of your application. 作品集是可选材料,不需要进入世界杯买球app下载. Please submit your portfolio through SlideRoom in the Common Application. 您的通用申请必须在提交您的SlideRoom投资组合之前提交.


Spring Transfers: November 16

Fall Transfers: April 1

What is the maximum amount of credit allowed from a previous institution(s)?

获得世界杯买球app下载学位所允许的以前大学工作的最大学分是两年或16门课程. 转学生必须在世界杯买球app下载完成相当于四个全日制学期的学习, completing at least 16 courses, in order to receive the B.A. degree from the College.


You must submit the same required materials. If you applied last year, the $60 application fee will be waived. 如果您对您的具体情况有任何疑问,请联系入学办公室.


What test scores does Scripps require for transfer applicants?

从2021年秋季开始,世界杯买球app下载大学将对所有学生实行免考政策. This means students are no longer required to submit the SAT or ACT. 英语不是第一语言的国际学生必须提交托福考试, 雅思考试, or Duolingo English Test.

If I submit SAT/ACT scores, does Scripps superscore across test dates?

是的,如果学生参加了一次以上的SAT或ACT考试,我们会考虑你的最好成绩. The best SAT score is determined by combining the highest score received on each section from any combination of testing dates; 不e that we will 不 combine subscores from the new and old versions of the SAT. 最佳ACT分数也由每个部分在任何考试日期组合中获得的最高分决定.

If I submit SAT/ACT scores, does Scripps allow self-reported test scores?

选择提交SAT或ACT成绩作为申请一部分的学生可以通过通用申请发送官方成绩或自我报告成绩, QuestBridge Application, 或通过申请状态门户表格清单中的自我报告考试成绩表格. 自我报告分数作为申请世界杯买球app下载大学的一部分并选择注册的学生需要提交官方分数报告. 如果自我报告的测试分数与官方分数之间存在差异, this may affect a student’s offer of admission. Please 不e that we do 接受托福,雅思或多邻国英语测试的自我报告测试成绩.

Does Scripps require the College-Report and Mid-Term Report?

Yes, Scripps College requires that all transfer applicants submit the College Report 和 Mid-Term Report. 这些表格可以在通用申请网站上找到,并应通过邮件提交给世界杯买球app下载招生办公室.


I am an international student. 除了必需的申请材料外,还有什么我必须提交的材料吗?

Yes, the following materials are also required:

  • TOEFL, 雅思考试, or Duolingo English Test
  • Official results of any International Baccalaureate or national exams
  • College Board International Student Certification of Finances
  • CSS/金融援助 PROFILE (if applying for need-based financial aid)
  • Certified English translations of all documents. 请参阅 International Applicants page for more information.
Can I request to have my TOEFL/雅思考试/Duolingo English Test waived?

如果你的第一语言是英语,或者你学校的教学语言是英语, 你可能有资格豁免托福/雅思/多邻国英语考试要求. After you have submitted your application, email [email protected] 用你的名字, 生日, the name of your school, 以及你在英语课堂环境中待了多少年.

Is housing guaranteed for transfer students?

Scripps College-sponsored housing is available for transfer students. 一旦被录取,学生将了解住宿情况,鼓励被录取的转学生联系学生事务办公室,电话:(909)621-8277.

Is Scripps a partner with HTCC?

Scripps College is proud to partner with the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC). HTCC协商特殊的转让协议,将社区学院荣誉/学者项目与特定大学联系起来, 大或小, public or private. Students completing such programs may enjoy a range of benefits at Scripps, such as priority acceptance consideration. 如果你是一名社区大学荣誉课程的学生,有兴趣转到世界杯买球app下载, contact the Office of 入学.